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No words to describe – BGM from Nandalala by Maestro Ilaiyaraja

Cast: Mysskin, Ashwath Ram, Snigdha and others.
Director: Mysskin
Music: Ilaiyaraaja

Nandalala Tamil movie released this December 2010, had seen one of the Tamil/Indian Cinema’s awesome BGM. Maestro Ilaiyaraja who had done music score, had done his best. The BGM of the movie makes us feel the art of living through it.  Even though its not commercial one, we should see this movie as life art. Only Illayaraja can make the instruments talk/express. The maestro has used the violin and guitar predominantly in this movie. No one can use the Violin better than him . Ilaiyaraja has transformed his music to another level in this decade. Even though the movie had been ‘adapted’ the theme of Japanese film Kikujiro, Mysskin has proved that he is better director as his previous films.

More importantly there is no need of  language as a concern to hear this music. I had uploaded the BGM sequence of the full movie which you can watch below.  Feel the music dear friends and proud to be Maestro Ilaiyaraja devotee/fan.

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My thought

No one in this world is lower or higher by whatever means. Everybody has a talent which other dont possess. If we view or tease others as low then we are downgraded to low level. Especially I meant level here as humanity, kindness,etc. May be it will take a long time to realize this or even short time for fewer people.

Lies and fact

By lying or creating a circumstances for it make feel easy. But the fact is it’s difficult to see by heart and can’t hold the pain in it who sees in the appropriate way. So better I think even though it creates bad image or anything better its better to say truth. Atleast the heart and mind feels lite. Anyways there are few exceptions – if the lying helps the dharma and good or if that does good one for a good moment.

Awesome Romantic BGM from Illaiyaraja

One of greatest BGMs from Maestro Illaiyaraja.  The music starts romantic and eager to meet her lover. After when she set ready to meet her lover, her mom interrupts her by giving some work. So the chance of meeting her lover is been interrupted for certain time. Thats where Illaiyaraja performs with beautiful BGM reflecting heroine anger and (thavipu – have to find exact English word for this Tamil one). Thats really great.

Later when she sets to see her lover, we can see and realize the happiness and excitement of meeting him. Wow once gain Illaiyaraja is awesome here by showing us how she feels at that moment. But when she reached the place, the hero had left the place who had been waiting for her for so long time. Suddenly music changes to slow painful pace.. No words to say how Illaiyaraja had done this BGM by showing us so much feelings in music.

Just feel the music and comment what you feel.

Busan Subway


Daegu Subway


Gwangju Subway


Daejeon Subway


Seoul Subway



No Words, Simply Love

I watched this video taken by National Geographic channel. The Leopard while hunting the monkey just saw giving birth. As you all would expected, leopard had killed that kid monkey too. But actually the opposite thing happened. It take care of that kid and loved its awesomely.  It really touched me. But this days even humans, we are not having mercy and love upon others. But the leopard which did the hunting, just showed us how we should be. I greatly salute this great Leopard. Just check this video. You may too feel it.

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